15 de dezembro de 2010

know, sometimes I feel like just another
another in his concept of illusions
You suck, I told you I hate you
but I can’t fight what speaks louder in here
why do this to me?
Know how I feel?
No, I know that.
Can’t stand you all, I never see you again
you're an idiot
do not look around?
Want me to say why am I here?
I think not, if he wanted to care about me
I want sum of my life, but also do not want
sorry about that
if you did badly, but think about it
nothing beats the things you did
I want to go back?
For what?
To step on top of me again?
I do not deny that I still feel for you, and I'm sorry for that. But there's one detail
Did not you before by being an idiot and do not want you now why I hate you and still be an idiot
is better,
you get there and I here
know that I suffer but do not care
one day told me to be strong because life is not easy
is there an example
and an opportunity to learn how to be strong
Look, I wish you all good, though you want to pass this good to me
but I can’t, I have something to live for, something real
I have to do my destination and assure you have it often, but not anymore
I love you, but never forget that
've never been hated more than I
everything good

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